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Article in Express Newspaper-High tech health! How robots and magic carpets could keep illness at bay

http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/531266/Innovations-change-lives THE MAGIC CARPET Falls in the home are the most common reason for hospital admission among over-65s. Researchers at the University of Manchester have pioneered a carpet which detects if the occupant of the house has taken a tumble. Using sensors on the underlay which relay information to a computer, the system picks up … Continue reading

  • Research Expertise in: Optical sensing and measurement Photonic devices Optical fibre sensors Femtosecond lasers for photonic structuring Polymer optoelectronics Polymer optical fibre Optical fibre technology Research projects to date have included: Low cost, rugged sensors using large diameter, multi-moded plastic or polymer optical fibre (POF) for environmental, chemical and biological monitoring, for applications such as biofouling and scaling, algal growth. pH, particle concentration, turbidity, fluid flow, strain and water toxicity. Effects of UV laser irradiation on perspex and plastic optical fibres and polymers to create refractive index changes and gratings. New optical coating materials (polymer and organic dyes) for new sensors and devices. Femtosecond lasers and multi-photon absorption techniques to create substantial refractive index structures and gratings in polymers and optical materials. Optical devices and components can thus be written into bulk material and fibres. Biofouling and scaling in closed loop water systems and water quality monitoring at interfaces using optical sensors, for harsh and demanding industrial water process systems including heat exchanger cooling systems, to sense the very early formation of biofilm, and biofouling removal and control by biocides. Development of inorganic-organic hybrid coatings for optical fibres for the immobilisation of enzymes and chemical transducers, and their testing on bioprocesses. Guidance, procedures and measurement techniques for small stationary hydrogen and fuel cell systems to fast track approval of safety and procedural issues.



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