How to Apply for a PhD in Instrumentation

Click here to link to the  on line University Application Form and Referees form. Note that you will not be considered for scholarship funding without making a formal application.

Please note that projects offered here are for PhD qualifications in:


Instrumentation and Analytical Science

This research group is for people who wish to work in a multidisciplinary  environment using photonics and optical instrumentation. We create and build instrumentation to measure a wide variety of parameters that are physical, chemical or biological. It is ideal for people who want to learn new skills in a different area to their first degree and be exposed to a range of engineering and applied science topics.

For example:

  • Physics students who are interested in using light for measurement, optical fibre technology, photonics, optical,interactions with materials.
  • Electronics students who are interested in optical sensors and  transducers to detect  physical and chemical properties of materials.
  • Chemistry students who would like to know more about electronics, computer interfacing, signal processing and instrumentation.
  • Students  from  mechanical engineering or materials background are welcome too, but you will need to reach out side your subject area area.

What we do….

  • We work with instrumentation systems so students are expected to learn electronics, interfacing with computers, how to wire circuits, how to deal with signals, noise and processing.
  • We work with lasers and light, so students could expect to operate a high powered class 4 laser system and to write code for a translation stage. To do material processing to make nano structures. To manipulate a bead or cell using lasers or tweezers.
  • We use light to change the optical properties of materials so students need to know about light absorption, thermal difusion and photochemical effects that enable photonic structures to be generated. We can characterise those using analytical techniques such as Raman spectroscopy.
  • We work with optical fibre and wave guide technology so students are expected to know about light and photonics. How to couple light in and out of optical devices.
  • We are building systems to measure plants growing in soil to optimise agriculture, and to measure  patient movement and vital signs.  We have projects to measure colours of paints and to detect changes and breaks in optical fibre networks. We make on line sensors to measure alcohol content of distillates by measuring refractive index.


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