Stephen Casabella

PhD Student


Photon Science Institute, Alan Turing Building
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road, Mancheser, M13 9PL
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 1030

email: stephen.casabella@postgrad,manchester.ac.uk

Stephen is working on a BBSRC sponsored PhD project: Nanoscale cell-on-a-chip: optically interrogated micro-fluidic chip for  evaluation of live immobilised prostate cancer cells. He is supervised by Dr Patricia Scully in the PSI and Dr Peter Gardner and Professor Peter Fielden in the MIB.  Stephen’s project will focus on Raman spectroscopy of cancer cells, with an emphasis on incorporating this method of interrogation into a microfluidic setting. Stephen completed of an MSc in Photon Science at The University of Manchester in 2010.  

Project aims: 

Measure nanoscale interactions between cells  incorporated into porous nanostructured polymers using novel optical sensing mechanisms
Develop integrated optical/microfluidic device for on-line, invivo measurements of cells
Combined optical, spectroscopic and analytical measurement of small drop volume to form a microsystem, packaging nanoscale technologies 


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