Ben Knight-Gregson

Ben is working on an EngD in Ultrasonic Weld Inspection fo Nuclear Applications based at The Welding Institute, Port Talbot.

Project Aim:
To advance the state of the art in the application of Full Matrix Capture ultrasonic inspection techniques for the inspection of austenitic welds of particular relevance to the nuclear industry. The research will focus on the development of new algorithms to process this data such as those based on Sequential Phased Array techniques, which has been pioneered as part of existing research links between Manchester University and industrial partner TWI.

These include:

• Theoretical modelling of the microstructure in order to obtain an insight into the scattering behaviour of the austenitic weld region.
• Further development of the SPA algorithm in order to account for beam bending, caused by the anisotropic material.
• Signal encoding to improve the low signal-to-noise ratio, caused by the highly scattering material.
• Application of FMC to laser ultrasound using laser diode arrays.
Research Environment

Ben is supervised by Dr Patricia Scully (UoM), Professor Tony Peyton, (UoM), Ian Cooper and Miles Weston (TWI Technology Centre (Wales)).

Ben completed his first degree in Physics (MPhys) from Swansea University.

Find out more about Ben from his Linkedin profile



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