Dr Phyllis Fiadzomor

Phyllis Fiadzomor, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science,

Worked as Knowledge Transfer Fellow at The Photon Science Institute until August 2012.

Within the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science in The University of Manchester, the Instrumentation and Analytical Science Research group brings together researchers from different disciplines to create a dynamic environment for the development of measurement techniques for phenomena ranging from nano-scale molecular processes in biological cells to macro-scale chemical processes.

Our Knowledge Transfer activities are based on the research led by Dr. Patricia Scully and Professor Nick Goddard and is focused on photonic devices and sensor technology including:

  • Chemical sensing applications of optical waveguide sensors, including the resonant mirror, and integration of optical waveguide sensors with electrokinetic sample transport and separations.
  • Development of microfluidic systems, leaky waveguides for chemical and biochemical sensing, and miniaturised chemical and biochemical instrumentation based on polymer fabrication, especially by injection moulding and lamination.
  • Diffraction gratings, fibre gratings formed using laser material processing, chemical modification and functional optical coatings for analyte detection.
  • Distributed Linear & Area Sensors

Based on these technologies, sensors have been developed for fluorescence, turbidity, light scattering by particulates, pH, fluid flow, bio-fouling and scaling, H2 gas detection, strain and moisture all of which have strong potential in terms of commercial application. We have an excellent track record of industrial collaborations.






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