Dr John Young

Dr John Young worked on our EPSRC funded Knowledge Transfer project for the non-invasive monitoring of fibre optical cables with Cable-Sense Ltd in 2012. Cable-Sense is a spin-out company, established to develop and manufacture new technology for non-invasive interrogation of the physical layer of networked infrastructure such as local area networks (LANs) data centres, campus networks etc. The technology enables the network cable status and connectivity information to be determined without disruption to the cable connection or information integrity.

Dr John Young worked at the Department of Instrumentation and Analytical Science in Umist from 2002 to 2005  employed on the MATINOES project with Dr Frank Kvasnik and Dr Scully.

Then he worked with Dr Phil Martin in Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, in his spin-out company TDL Sensors Ltd on laser diode spectroscopy for gas monitoring. This was followed by a EPSRC project led by Professor Krikor Ozanyan based in Electronic and Electrical Engineering on Terrahertz Spectroscopy.



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