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SensorMat: the Manchester Magic Carpet for Footprint Imaging by Guided-Path Tomography

We presented our “Magic Carpet” this week at Photon12 at University of Durham. Here is a link to the offical press release about our SensorMat, as we like to call it..

Putting the SensorMat through its paces

And here is our Abstract with the proper scientific terminology: Footprint Imaging by Guided-Path Tomography: authored by  Nurgiyatna N1, Cantoral Ceballos J1 Wright P1, Vaughan J1,3Brown-Wilson C2, Fiadzomor P3,4, Scully P J3,4 and  Ozanyan K B1,3

1:  School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2:  School of Nursing Midwifery and Social Work. 3:  Photon Science Institute. 4: School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science.

In earlier work on Photonic Guided Path Tomography we introduced the principle of imaging surface deformation by four-projection measurements of transmission through strategically placed grooved plastic optical fibres on a flexible surface with a soft foam underlay. Hough transform-based centre-of-mass imaging  from data acquired with small area demonstrators using four-fibre crossing points have been reported.

In this work, targeting the dynamic imaging of human footprints, we show results from small area prototypes using only three tomographic projections with only two fibres crossing at any one point, reducing the bending-induced background which is not object-specific.

Reconstructions of bare feet and shoes footprints have been implemented with a small area demonstrator using plastic optical fibres sensitised for relatively hard surfaces, such as high-duty carpets. The measurements are taken with red LEDs and photodiodes on each line integral and images are reconstructed using the iterative Landweber technique.

The results are discussed in terms of the capability of such imaging technology to study variations in gait and walking patterns, as well as the footprint of a human body lying in various positions.


About Patricia Scully

Senior Lecturer in Sensor Instrumentation in The Photon Science Institute and the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science. Senior academic with experience of leading industrial and research council/government funded research projects at national and international level. Research interests: Optical sensing and measurement Photonic devices Optical fibre sensors Femtosecond lasers for photonic structuring Polymer optoelectronics Assistive technology for healthcare applications Polymer optical fibre Optical fibre technology Distributed sensing Functional optical coatings Energy harvesting and wireless monitoring


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