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New Research Project: Optical Fibre Sensormat to Define Patient Mobility Patterns


£48K EPSRC grant has been awarded to Dr Patricia Scully (School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science – CEAS), Prof Krikor Ozanyan (School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics), Dr Phyllis Fiadzomor (CEAS) all of the PSI, and Dr Christine Brown Wilson (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work), to develop an optical fibre sensormat to define patient mobility patterns that precede a fall.


The sensormat will be used as a clinical tool to monitor gait and movement, enabling identification of deterioration with timely implementation of strategies to prevent falls. The technology will be subjected to clinical tests and evaluations in order to define the market and major cost savings achievable in reduced care costs for elderly people, whose independence would be maintained by appropriate intervention.



About Patricia Scully

Senior Lecturer in Sensor Instrumentation in The Photon Science Institute and the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science. Senior academic with experience of leading industrial and research council/government funded research projects at national and international level. Research interests: Optical sensing and measurement Photonic devices Optical fibre sensors Femtosecond lasers for photonic structuring Polymer optoelectronics Assistive technology for healthcare applications Polymer optical fibre Optical fibre technology Distributed sensing Functional optical coatings Energy harvesting and wireless monitoring


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